Awning Products

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We fabricate custom retractable and stationary awnings for residential and commercial use.

There are many designs, styles, fabrics, colors, features and options available in awnings today. We can professional provide you ideas and budgets for the awning that fits your needs.

Commercial Awnings 

Storefront awnings are among our most cost-effective products. Offering weather protection, adding visual dimension and doubling as signage, storefront awnings are highly effective marketing tools and will often pay for themselves very quickly. Our awnings for storefronts are also available with logos, lettering, backlit graphics and other custom signage design. With extensive experience in all phases of commercial awning construction and the best warranties in the industry, Pro Status Awning is the only name you need to know for premium custom storefront awnings, entrance canopies and sign awnings.

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Residential Awnings

Enhanced outdoor living space is one of the most popular features homeowners are seeking today. Custom-made stationary canopies are perfect to completely cover a large deck or patio. These canopies can be designed in just about any shape and size you want and will turn your deck, terrace or patio into an attractive shaded living space everyone will love. It is truly like adding a covered open air room to your home which can be used for parties or just relaxing and enjoying nature while being protected from the sun, rain, snow or that unexpected thunderstorm.


We can even manufacture fabric panels to be installed under your canopy. It will protect you and your deck not just from precipitations, but from any weather and temperature drops all the year round.

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Fabric Awning for Doors & Awning | New York City | New Jersey
Retractable Awnings

Enjoy the flexibility of our high quality retractable Awnings and roll-up awnings. They're easy to use and add hours of usage to your favorite living and entertainment spaces by keeping you cooler and screening out harmful ultraviolet rays.


Select a material that complements the style of your business and home from a selection of over 200 high quality acrylic fabric in solids and patterns. Further enhance your awning by selecting a motorized option, either with or without a remote control. We also offer a sun/wind sensor that automatically signals your awning to extend or retract in response to changes in sunlight or wind.

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Winter Vestibule Enclosure

Hardly anything worse than waiting outside in the frigid winter months. Give your customers a positive experience by getting one of our custom vestibules or winter enclosures. Designed just for your building or entrance, our winter enclosures save heat for your business, while adding value to your establishment. 


We make entryway enclosures, outside seating enclosures, patio enclosures for your business or restaurant. Unlike most other companies, we use Heavy Duty Door Closers to be sure that your door moves smooth and does not slam. Made specifically for commercial requirements, our vestibules and enclosures are durable and long-lasting, yet far more affordable than traditional construction options.

Winter Vestibule Enclosure NYC & NJ
Winter Vestibule Enclosure: New Jersey | New York City | Brooklyn | Long Island | Queens NY
Walkway Canopies

Does your Residential Building, school, hospital, business, or property have large areas of outdoor walkway? Are you ever concerned with the need to access a parking lot, sprint between buildings, or reach an annex area when it’s raining? Even if you own a large development property, are their extended walkways that could use a covering? Pro Status Awning is a preferred provider for Custom Canvas walkway canopies and shade. Our quality products have satisfied clients for a long time, and we would like to demonstrate our capabilities to you.

Sidewalk Partitions

Sidewalk barriers or barricades are used by many different venues and businesses including restaurants, stadiums, theaters, or other entertainment venues as a means to organize queue, or keep pedestrian traffic separate from customers.  They are also used effectively for crowd control for special events such as parades, outdoor concerts, block parties or festivals.  Another common use is at construction sites to increase job safety and let workers and pedestrians know exactly where the site begins and ends. 

For outdoor dining or cafes, sidewalk partitions and barriers provide a clear area away from sidewalk traffic for your diners to enjoy their experience. Custom sidewalk partitions and barricades are a functional way to showcase your brand and keep your patrons safe and comfortable. Pro Status Awning will help you configure your units, design, manufacture and install them to your satisfaction.

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Aluminum Awnings

Wedge-shaped step-down awnings are a great way to protect your windows or doors from the heat of the sun as well as any weather damage. All our awnings are custom-made from only the finest materials and are available in a number of different sizes, shapes, colors, patterns and styles to choose from. We specialize in durable aluminum and Lexan awnings.

Thanks to our window and door awnings, you'll keep your home cooler by blocking out the sun, while also protecting you from any harmful UV rays. Your energy bills will be reduced; also you won't need to crank up the A/C to stay comfortable during those hot summer months. 

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