Enhance your Brand and Advertising of your Local Business with a AWNING in Long Island, NYC & New Jersey.

In the business world, a return on investment is everything. If you’re going to spend a part of your annual budget on a commercial building awning- you want to see some kind of financial return on that initial investment. A commercial building awning may seem like a purely practical purchase, but in many ways, it is a creative way to boost profits and market your business without the added expense of traditional advertising methods. How can adding a commercial awning to your business boost profits and heed a financial return? Let’s break down five key reasons down below. 

5 Ways A Commercial Awning Can Boost Profit At Your Business





  • Franchise Commercial Awnings

  • Hospital Awnings

  • Residential Building Awnings

  • Retractable Awnings

  • Custom Projects


Storefront Awnings Adding Value To Your Business

It’s hard to stand out in NYC, Long Island & New Jersey. That is especially true in places like Manhattan, Long Island, North & Central New Jersey where even finding the door to a storefront can be difficult amidst dozens of other entrances. That gives the idea of custom canopies and storefront covers considerable value for the average business, including:

  • Shade – The purpose of any awning is to protect against sun and rain. With our weather here in NYC, Long Island & New Jersey protecting people is a form of customer service, as the extreme heat and powerful rains can upset customers. Your awning provides a service they’ll notice.

  • Protection – Similarly, the weather in New York & New Jersey can be dreadful, and a canopy that covers your windows and walls ensures that you’re protected from noise and damage.

  • Lower Energy Costs – When the sun isn’t pounding down on your windows, your energy costs lower as well. Since customers are opening and closing doors constantly, knowing that you’re protected from the weather can help the products pay for themselves over time.

  • Noticeable – Finally, you need people to notice you from the street, and awnings do just that. Branded, people will get exposure to your brand just by walking by, and those that are looking for you can find you at any angle, compared to a storefront that is flush against the wall.


These are only some of the benefits of installing one of these products outside of your storefront. Those looking for building entrance canopies also benefit from the quality and design that we can provide here at Pro Status Awning.

Types of Storefront Awnings & Canopies Long Island, NYC & New Jersey

There is no one-size fits all approach to awnings and canopies – both literally and figuratively. We create custom awnings and custom canopies in Long Island, NYC & New Jersey that match the look you’re trying to achieve, the function that you need, and the design that you envision for your

  • Backlit Storefront Awnings – One of our most popular types is of awnings is our backlit storefront awnings. These awnings light up at night, drawing attention from the street.

  • Retractable Awnings – Although awnings are great at withstanding the elements, they can struggle with intense winds. Retractable awnings make it possible to close them on windy days, or when you’re closed and no longer trying to grab attention.

  • Entrance Way Canopies – Although most businesses prefer their awnings be connected to the business, others prefer free-standing canopies for their entrance way. We can print those as well in any size and style.

  • Cooley Awnings – Cooley is a very specific type of backlit awning. The fabric lights up in the darkness, creating vibrant colors that can be noticed from far away.

  • Vestibules – Some businesses prefer to go a step further with custom vestibules in NYC, Long Island & New Jersey. Vestibules are very useful for businesses that have outside eating areas or want to offer privacy for their guests.

  • Window Awnings – Finally, awnings do not need to be for doors alone. Window awnings are great for energy efficiency and allow for additional branding along the way.


We also have different materials available depending on the purpose and budget that you have in mind. For example, you can order:

  • Plastic Awnings

  • Fabric Awnings

  • Aluminum Awnings


All these awnings are premium quality, but available for a low cost. We can also create replacement awnings for those hoping to achieve the same look that they had previously, but with new premium designs. In addition to the material, there are many other areas you can customize. These include:

  • Colors

  • Prints

  • Size


Many people use our awnings to print important information, or to create an eye grabbing design visible from the street. It’s possible to print on every inch of the material, though most companies limit themselves to a logo or descriptive terms (like “PHARMACY”) on the front.


We have many different products available, so if you’re looking for something specific that may not meet our traditional criteria, let us know and we’ll see if we can create it. Let us know at any time if you have questions about what you need, including measurements, file types, and more.

Awning Installation Services in NYC, Long Island & NJ

We provide full-service Awning installation for any awning we create, and since awnings have some extra complexity that requires additional support, it’s one of the main installation services we provide. If you’re in need of awning installation, let us know as our rates are affordable and our service can be scheduled quickly after the awning or canopy is completed.

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