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Stepdown Aluminum Awnings are made from Prefinished Aluminum in a variety of colors.  Enjoy a wide selection of applications for covering exterior doors, windows, docks, carports and storefronts.

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Aluminum awnings can provide quite a few benefits to property owners who decide to have them fitted. However, out of all of them, the most prominent of advantages metal awnings for patios provide include:

  • Improving Home’s Appeal

  • You don’t just want to have any sort of accessory fitted into your property. You want to make sure that it matches your property’s sense of style and appeal. And this is especially important for homeowners. For this reason, Wrisco offers clients complete customization when it comes to metal awnings for homes. And other than structure, Wrisco also offers clients the chance to implement whatever color they choose from their selection.

  • Energy Savings

  • As unbelievable as it may sound, an aluminum patio cover awning can actually help you save a little on your energy bills. Aluminum patio awnings reduce your energy bills because they provide shade for windows. And as a result, this prevents heat and moisture elements from trapping in your home.

  • Protect and Expand Living Space

  • Aluminum awnings can increase homeowners living spaces. And this is because aluminum patio awnings extend the seasons you can use or utilize your home outdoor space – regardless if it’s sunny, raining, etc.


Having a sheet metal awning, especially when it’s made of aluminum, is very advantageous. And this is simply because aluminum is recognized for being the best architectural metal to use for construction. Aluminum possesses many properties that allow it to be a great metal to use for metal awnings for patios.

First off, aluminum is rust and corrosion-resistant, so you can expect it to last a long time while withstanding the outside elements. And even though many claim other metals are more durable than aluminum, the fact of the matter is that aluminum can be just as strong as steel or other common construction metals. More so, while steel and other metals will become weak in density in cold temperatures, aluminum will actually become more durable. As a result, your aluminum patio cover awning will stand strong in the winter.

The absolute best benefit to having aluminum metal awnings for homes installed is that it’s very affordable. Since aluminum is very malleable, it can be easily shaped into the desired design you require, contributing to its cheapness. But also, besides malleability, aluminum is also a lightweight metal, so transport and shipping of aluminum patio roof panels is not difficult to perform, resulting in lowered rates.


When you’re ready to make the purchase for aluminum patio awnings, trust no other than Pro Status Awning . Pro Status has been providing quality aluminum products to countless patrons across the nation. And they’re highly sought after when it comes to metal awnings for patios. When you call Pro Status today, we feel more than certain that you’ll benefit from their services tremendously. But more so, you’ll be added to their growing list of satisfied customers as you enjoy your new aluminum patio cover awning.

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