Designing the Perfect Commercial Awning on New York City, Long Island or New Jersey!

Awnings can serve one or more purposes, depending on your business’ exterior design and functional needs.

  • First, determine your awning’s function. Do you simply want additional signage that will make your business more appealing and easier to find, or are you looking for a design that will provide protection from the sun and other elements for an outdoor sitting or shopping area? An awning designed specifically to catch the eye may be very different from an awning designed to block the sun or rain around your entrance and outdoor property.

  • Awnings should add to the exterior curb appeal of your building. When designing your awning, consider shape, size, and color, and how these features will tie your awning into your building and the surrounding area. Depending on its function, you may want your awning to blend into your building or stand out against it for improved visibility.

  • The key to designing the right awning for your business is to make your awning unique through custom colors and logos that will set your business apart from its surroundings, allowing customers to find it easily and drawing in passersby to increase your client base.

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