The smartest business investments are ones that help you boost sales, and few options offer greater value than a commercial awning. How can an awning help bring in revenue?

Attract new customers.

Whether you are a new business in the area or an enduring presence, a commercial awning puts a face on your business. It introduces your business, tells people who you are. It can provide a “teaser” of what to expect inside, whether that’s painless dental work, a fabulous new hairdo, a yummy meal or a potentially fat tax refund.

A commercial awning makes your place look appealing and, better yet, intriguing. People want to step inside to learn more, and that could be the start of a long and prosperous relationship.

No commercial awning?

Your Plain Jane exterior is guaranteed not to bring in revenue. How do you expect people to find you or know what you do? A commercial awning is a sign, even if you have a separate “official” sign.

The awning has a huge advantage, because it protrudes from the front of your building. People can see it from down the street, rather than only when they’re right in front of you. You might have a little sign that hangs at right angles to your entrance, but it can’t compete with everything else down the way.

A commercial awning can augment your official sign, reinforcing the look and feel of your business. And there’s much more room on a commercial awning, so you can add a short message or graphics — things that will set your place apart.

Power of suggestion.

Speaking of graphics, if your business lends itself to graphic images of your products – trendy gear or succulent food, for instance – imprinting those images on your commercial awning can literally make a prospective customer’s mouth water. They’ll want to see for themselves, right now, because your allure is just too tempting to pass up.

Expand sales area or seating capacity.

Remodeling is expensive and intrusive. Moving to a larger location is probably out of the question. Thankfully, a commercial awning can help you create additional space cost-effectively and quickly.

People will be more anxious than ever to sit outside and enjoy the nice weather this year, once that nice weather finally arrives. Planning your new commercial awning now means you’ll be ready for them as early as possible. You can add a retractable section to your existing awning, or design something entirely new. Don’t forget that a commercial awning doesn’t have to be traditional metal or fabric, it could be a handsome wooden pergola or a futuristic, colorful tension structure.

Shade saves money.

Conserving revenue goes to your bottom line just like increasing sales, to make you more profitable. A commercial awning that shades your windows can save you money in two ways:

  • Reduced power costs. Air conditioning is expensive, but studies shows shading  your south- or west-facing windows during the sun’s hottest hours can significantly lower your need for AC, with a commensurate savings in energy costs. And conserving energy makes you greener. Sustainability is good for the environment, and it impresses potential customers.

  • Today’s awning fabrics can eliminate virtually all the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. That means shading your windows can also protect outdoor or indoor furnishings and merchandise from fading and deterioration caused by UV light. And that can save you plenty. Of course, you’re also protecting people walking or seated under your commercial awning.

Add tangible value to your business.

What if you want to sell your business some day? Intrinsic value may not show up on your financial spreadsheet, but you can bet potential buyers will know it when they see it. A good-looking commercial awning is one of the best ways to add “curb appeal” to your business.

Bringing in revenue is the name of the game, and a can be your best ally. Get in touch with us today @ (800) 674-2928 for a Free Quote on your next commercial Awning.

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