Retractable Awning Supplier: New York, Long Island, and New Jersey

What Can a Retractable Awning Do For You?

Residential retractable awnings can be used for patios, decks, terraces, balconies, sun rooms, greenhouses, and pool areas. Commercial retractable awnings have many different uses, like for retail stores, cafes and restaurants, and many more. To our customers' convenience, PRO-Status Awning are fully retractable by the press of a button. 

•Perfect for any time of year

•Reduces Air Conditioning Cost By Up To 25%

•Easy to open and close with one touch

•Still visually appealing even when retracted

•Can be operated manually or with a motor

Can be wall, roof, or soffit-mounted

•Awning widths range from 8' to 40'

•Project from 5' all the way to 16' out

•Virtually maintenance-free!

•Blocks Up To 100% OF Harmful UV Rays

•Protects Furniture, Drapes And Carpet From Fading

•Adds Style, Elegance & Value To Your Home

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