Retractable Awnings create value to your HOME!

Retractable Awning offers the ideal solution for creating a comfortable outdoor environment the whole family can enjoy at a fraction of the cost of a permanent addition.

Imagine staying cool while being protected from the sun’s harmful rays. Finally you can enjoy cookouts and entertaining the way they are meant to be. “Homeowners often consider their homes a retreat and are on the lookout for unique additions that add character,” said Michelle Sahlin, managing director, Professional Awning Manufacturers Association (PAMA). “Extending outdoor living with an awning creates a new room without the high costs and complexities of other home additions. Not to be overlooked, these outdoor havens have the potential to give homeowners increased selling power.” 

In addition, awnings, both aesthetically appealing and functional, create an outdoor extension of the home that can facilitate many activities. And a well-placed awning can add thousands of dollars to the price of a home, especially in smaller homes where square footage is at a premium.

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