Retractable Awnings & Other Shading Solutions for Residents of NYC, Long Island & New Jersey

Retractable awnings, retractable screens, and other adjustable shading solutions are popular among residents of Long Island, NYC and New Jersey, and the surrounding areas. As many homeowners prefer being able to extend and retract their awnings or screens at their convenience, this feature allows them to enjoy both shade and sunlight.

At Pro Status Awning, our retractable shading products come from few reputable brands – a leading manufacturer in the awning industry. Pro Status retractable awnings and other products are custom made for every project and come in a variety of styles that can provide shade for virtually any area around your home in Long Island, NYC, New Jersey or another nearby area. For example:

  • Retractable awnings for windows, doors, decks, and patios

  • Retractable, freestanding shading products that don’t need to be attached to a wall or roofline

  • Retractable screens and walls

  • Retractable covers for existing structures like sunrooms and pergolas

In addition to providing our customers with a wealth of different retractable products, Pro Status Awning employs in-house installers who are factory-trained and certified by us. So, if you choose to put retractable awnings over your windows and doors or want to add a retractable cover to your pergola, you can be sure that it will be expertly installed.

For more information about our retractable awnings. Please call us at 800-674-2928 or email us at

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