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Business Light Box Signs Types

As the leading Awning & Sign Company, PRO-Status Awning & Sign has a variety of light box sign options available so that you can have the perfect sign for your storefront or business. Some of the types of light boxes signs we have in stock include:

Basic Light Box Sign – The basic light box sign has florescent bulbs inside of the box that help light the image up front. While these signs can be painted, most of the basic light box signs come already with an image, and use acrylic panels to maximize the color and durability.

Illuminated Sign Cabinets – Illuminated sign cabinets has aluminum sides for extra durability and shine, and has tiers of invisible fluorescent lighting to help the sign appear brighter. While slightly more expensive than basic light box signs, these sign cabinets can decrease maintenance (because they fight rust) and look brighter to customers.

Lighted Window Sign – A more modern type of light box sign is the lighted window sign, which allows you to program text or graphics into its display and change them at a moment’s notice. These types of signs are great for venues, grocery stores, and even selling advertisements, and the colors and designs make them easily noticeable for customers.

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Our window light boxes are a great way to get your business, your products, your services, and your graphics noticed, no matter the industry. They can come with printed faces, they can be UL listed, and they can be made to be either translucent or with backlit film. Whatever type of lighted sign you need, Awnings & Signs: NY can create it.

About PRO-Status Awning | New York & New Jersey

PRO-Status Awning & Sign is based in New York & New Jersey. We have clients all over NYC, including New Jersey, Staten Island, Queens, and of course, Manhattan. We have a quick turnaround and free estimates as well.

If you’d like to learn more about any type of light box sign or sign that can be seen at night, give us a call today at 800-674-2928. We’re happy to discuss all of our sign options with you, their prices, advantages, and more. We’re also available for lighted sign maintenance and repair if your sign has seen better days. Call us today to learn more. 


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