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Aluminum Flat Sign

At Pro Status Awning & Sign, we create metal signs, aluminum signs, and various metal flat signs that are very effective for helping your business get noticed. Each one can be carefully customized for your needs, with multiple material options and prices depending on your preferences. Our metal signs have several advantages over other materials, including:

  • Durability – Metal signs are very strong and can last for a much longer time than many other types of sign materials. They are less likely to bend and many can withstand wind and water.

  • Sheen and Look – Metal has its own unique look, which is why all types of metal signs – from aluminum signs to tin signs and more – look clean, shiny, and great for all types of commercial uses.

  • Maintenance – Because metal is so durable and so strong, maintenance is also a breeze. You can simply wipe down most metal signs without any special treatment, and most will stay clean for months or years.

Flat Sign: New Jersey & New York City
Aluminum Flat Sign: New York City & New
LED Light Box | Pin Letters

People need to see you, your brand, your products, and more. One of the best ways to do that is with a custom light box sign from Pro Status Awning & Sign. A light box is a color graphic that not only advertises your location during the daytime, but can also light up at night in order to promote your business 24 hours a day.

Custom Sign Shop: New Jersey
Light Box: New Jersey & NYC
Channel Letters

When businesses are looking to get noticed, they are looking for some type of sign or display that is ideally visible both day and night, and is clearly easy to read from any distance. The best way to do this is with channel letters – backlit letters that are easily visible from any location, with clearly defined letters so that everyone sees you and your company. Need Channel Letters for your storefront, Get in touch today for FREE Estimate.

Sign Shop: Clifton NJ | New Jersey
Channel Letters: New Jesey
Sign Shop: New York City & New Jersey

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